oddwerx robots

If you ever thought that what your iPhone is really missing is a robotic body, you’re in luck. OLogic just launched a Kickstarter campaign for an autonomous smartphone robot that can move around and interact with other phone-bots.

OLogic developed the modular, wireless, and hackable robots, called Oddwerx, last year at Google I/O. Now the company is hoping to mass market them, which is why it turned to Kickstarter. The crowdfunding platform has launched a lot of products, and OLogic is hoping Oddwerx will be another success story. The Kickstarter campaign ends April 24 and still has more than $50,000 to go to reach the $66,000 goal.

If you give $100 to the Kickstarter project, you’ll get a kit to build a robot and an app with two cartoony “personalities” that interact with each other and humans. If you are feeling particularly generous and have 10 grand to give away, you’ll get a dinner with the OLogic team, two deluxe robots, prototype sensors, and embroidered jackets.

“We have packed tons of advanced robotics R&D software into this robot, to give it a broad spectrum of audiences,” said Brandon Blodget, vice president of tech development at OLogic. “It is suitable for two audiences, those who want to just run robot apps, use the built-in personalities, and the works-out-of-the-box social interaction, and developers doing research with items like ROS (Robotic Operating System) from Willow Garage.”

Beyond a mobile phone robot, the company has built a platform and an open API for developers to expand upon the technology to create games, virtual pets, educational tools, and whatever else can be dreamed up with the technology. The robots are compatible with iOS and Android, and OLogic hopes developers will build on the technology and create some interesting applications.

OLogic presented at DEMO Fall in September 2011. The company is based in Sunnyvale, Calif.