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Niko Partners, a firm dedicated to gathering marketing intelligence in Southeast Asia, released a new study highlighting changing trends among 180 million Chinese gamers. Like much of the world, players are shifting toward more “occasional” or convenient mobile and social games.

“In examining the rapidly evolving Chinese games market, we see that casual, social, and mobile games have all captured the hearts of hardcore and occasional gamers alike,” said Lisa Cosmas Hanson, managing partner and founder of Niko Partners. “Online games revenues are now more distributed among various platforms and genres than they have been in past years, when MMORPGs compiled the vast majority of domestic revenue.”

Niko’s study covered 10 tier one and two cities in China. Cities are arranged into tiers based on their size and economic structures.

Sixty-four percent of all Chinese gamers are now spending money on online games each month, which is higher than other developing countries. This transition is also triggering a fall in the number of hard-core gamers that spend 22 or more hours a week playing. More people are actively picking up games now but playing them for shorter amounts of time.