Over the last 10 years Everyday Health has built one of the biggest tech companies native to New York, with more than 500 employees centered here in Silicon Alley. Today the company cemented its presence as the number one health site on the web when it announced that it was partnering with YouTube as the first network dedicated to health in the video giant’s new channel initiative.

“It kind of feels like the early days of cable,” said Paul Slavin, the network TV veteran and multiple emmy award winner who is heading up production of the new shows at Everyday Health. “There is a ton of opportunity here, but no one has completely sorted out how things are, or are not, supposed to be done, ” Slavin said as we chatted over champagne cocktails at a swank launch party in Manhattan’s Crosby Hotel.

Everyday Health currently reaches 30 million monthly uniques visitors, both through its own site and the sites it manages for stars like weight-loss celebs Jillian Michaels and Joy Bauer. It will now be tapping into the astonishing 800 million monthly uniques that pump through YouTube every month. “They have truly built a network as powerful as Facebook,” said Everyday Health co-founder Michael Keriakos. “And we find that when our readers land on articles with video, they spend more time, and end up clicking through to more content.”

The company has raised $153 million in venture funding. Currently it’s growing and profitable, but the real buzz is around a potential IPO. Rumor is that Everyday Health previously got all the way to the road show before deciding the timing wasn’t right. The company is likely watching the markets carefully to see how things go with Facebook’s public offering before deciding if it wants to try again.