Apple education

Apple may be making improvements to its online store, but only for its education customers.

The company recently posted a notice on its K-12 educators website explaining that a new e-commerce store is in the works, according to a report from Apple Insider. The notice, which is stamped with a blue “coming soon” sign, states that the online store will allow teachers to create & view proposals and access order statuses. Also, the overall interface of the store will be getting an uplift.

Apple says it will be sending education customers “more information about the store’s features, benefits, and launch date” soon.

While these changes are sectioned off for educators, it could be a sign of things to come for the broader Apple store. Theoretically, the company could be trying out this new user interface on a subset of customers first before rolling it out to the public.

This isn’t the first effort Apple has made to help the education industry, which sees a growing number of teachers introducing iPads and other Apple products into the classroom. Recently, the company announced its iBooks 2 initiative, which takes physical textbooks and translates them into digital content for the iPad.  iBooks Author, announced at the same time, allows people to create these interactive textbooks using drag and drop templates, hopefully making it a more attractive solution to the traditional printed paper versions.