At VentureBeat, we come across a lot of funding news every day. In order to bring you the most information possible, we’re rounding up the quick-and-dirty details about the funding deals of the day, and serving them up here in our new “Funding daily” column.

Open-source CRM service SugarCRM

Salesforce competitor SugarCRM has raised a sweet $33 million in funding. The eight-year-old company provides customer relationship management (CRM) software-as-a-service for companies to manage their sales leads.

Navetas grabs $7 million for smart grid tech

British-based energy management company Navetas  raised £5 million ($7 million US dollars). The company makes energy-tracking products that help people see how much energy they use at home or in a commercial setting. U.S.-based smart meter company Sensus led the round.

Link A Media Devices filed a form D

From the, Securities and Exchange Commission, Link A Media filed a form D Wednesday. The company appears to have raised $13.2 million of a $30 million funding round. Link A Media makes system-on-chip circuits for hard-disk and solid-state drives.

GEO Semiconductor raises funding

GEO Semiconductor Inc. secured $1 million in new funding Wednesday from undisclosed investors. The company makes geometric processor IC technology for cell phones, video communication devices, and surveillance cameras.

AvaLAN raises money for wireless Internet technology

AvaLAN announced $700,000 in second-round funding today from Huntsville Angel Network. AvaLAN builds industrial long-range wireless Internet routers and bridges.

Bramasol files $1 million form D

A Securities and Exchange Commission form D was filed Wednesday for SAP cloud service provider Bramasol. It appears the company has raised $1 million in equity from Loewenthal Capital Management.

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