The HTC Evo One LTE 4G wasn’t the only major announcement Sprint had in up its sleeve today. The carrier also revealed that it will start rolling out HD voice service at the end of the year.

Basically the new HD voice service will deliver better call quality for Sprint subscribers.

The Evo One will be the first phone to work with the HD voice service, but since it’s launching in the middle of the year, it’ll be a while before Evo One owner get to use HD voice. Also, both participants in a call need to have HD voice compatible phones to take advantage of the higher quality — which severely limits the usefulness of the service.

Sprint said it will offer HD Voice in places where its 3G network is upgraded to the 1X Advanced standard. AT&T and Verizon, on the other hand, are waiting to deploy voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) service for high-quality calls on their 4G networks. Verizon and MetroPCS plan to launch their VoLTE services this year as well.

Honestly, it’s about time we see a significant bump in cellular voice quality. Smartphones have enabled all sorts of great mobile computing possibilities, but the basic ability to make phone calls hasn’t seen much improvement.

Via The Verge