Flurry launched new analytics features today that allows customers to take better control of how they measure and access the metrics for their apps. The features will help app developers make more money from their apps.

Customers can now create funnels that measure their most important conversions of free users to paid users. The analytics will now send out metrics trend notifications, and users will be able to create custom dashboards.

Flurry is providing pre-made templates for ad-supported apps, free-to-play apps, premium apps, engagement, and user acquisition and retention. Customers can always be clued in when metrics for an app change.

Since launching analytics in 2008, Flurry has more than 65,000 companies using its service across more than 170,000 apps. Flurry tracks app activity across more than 500 million Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets each month. It tracks more than 300 billion transactions per month and 1 billion user sessions per day. Flurry issues 25,000 session reports per second. Since December, Flurry has added 10,000 companies and 35,000 apps.

Sessions tracked per day rose from 760 million in December to 1.2 billion in March, up 50 percent in three months. Rivals include other analytics firms such as Kontagent, which released its own analytics tools update this week too.