Free stuff serves multiple purposes: It costs nothing, it fits wonderfully in storage, and if you're EA, it represents a suspiciously ornate band-aid.

News Blips:

BioWare alley-oops its recent announcement of free Mass Effect 3 downloadable content by revealing even more free DLC. Rolling out on April 10, the Resurgence Pack furnishes your multiplayer character stable with new combinations such as the Asari Justicar Adept, Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard, Geth Infiltrator, Geth Engineer, and Batarian Soldier and Sentinel. Two new maps (Firebase Condor and Firebase Hydra) and three new weapons (Striker Assault Rifle, Kishock Harpoon Gun, and Geth Plasma SMG) round out the gratis gear. A harpoon gun? What's next, a Firebase Ahab map?

Ubisoft justifies its use of digital rights management systems as a surefire way to pass along due compensation to content creators. "For us, the whole question of DRM is one of how we get compensated as a creator of content when someone is enjoying that content." Ubisoft Vice President of Digital Publishing Chris Early said in an interview with VG247. "The goal is to find the balancing point so as to do that in a way that doesn't negatively impact the paying customer. That's something that, as an industry, we sometimes succeed in and sometimes fail at." Early elaborated on his last point by mentioning Driver: San Francisco's past DRM troubles, saying, "We had a good system in place, but there was an error in the codes, and so I'd say that yes, we made a mistake." I'm glad humanity already invented an appropriate sound to accompany "unfortunate" events such as this.

Rockstar Games brings monologuing mankiller Max Payne to iOS devices on April 12 and Android gadgets on April 26. Rockstar's announcement explained the game packs the same content as the original 2001 title but features enhanced graphics, touch controls, and Social Club compatibility.

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