In the wake of yesterday’s report on the Minecraft Game of Thrones recreation, it’s only fitting that today we find this stunning one-to-one scale re-creation of the famous test chambers from Portal, Valve’s unexpected hit originally released for the PC and Xbox 360 as part of their Orange Box game bundle.

The Minecraft level consists of two parts: the mod that provides players with everything from portal guns to turrets and the custom map created to fully take advantage of the mod. The whole of the resulting mix is definitely greater than the sum of the two parts.

If you want to do this yourself, you can download the mod here, get the map here, and run through the classic Portal levels as seen in the video. Of course, you can also break out of them and engage in all sorts of mischief as well.

There are tons of tutorials on applying mods to Minecraft, but a great video on how to install this particular mod is right here.