Game of thrones

Earlier this week, Comcast was rumored to be in discussions about letting its subscribers finally access HBO Go on the Xbox. Friday, the company made it official, saying that “early next week” Comcast subscribers can watch their favorite HBO shows through the official HBO Go Xbox Live app.

Game of Thrones-watching-Comcast subscribers can now check out their favorite episodes on the HBO Go app as well as the Xfinity TV Xbox app for Comcast’s streaming on-demand service. To access the content in either app, you’ll just need the username and password you’d use for Xfinity TV.

The move will likely make a lot of Comcast customers happy, most of whom would rather go straight to the HBO Go app to watch their expensive shows and take advantage of the extra content not available on Xfinity TV (making-of extras, outtakes, interviews, etc.).

HBO Go recently made its way to the Xbox, following the iPad, smartphones, and set-top boxes. The app has gained a lot of popularity among cable subscribers, but Comcast customers couldn’t use it until now.

Game of Thrones image via HBO