Apple store screen sharing feature

Apple customers who want to see more of a product before they buy online may get that chance. A tool that allows customer service representatives to share their screens and walk a customer through a product page may be in testing.

Apple screen share featureThe screen share tool has been spotted in Brazil, according to Apple Insider. Currently, you can chat live with an Apple employee if you have questions about a product you’re viewing in the online store using its “Ask Now” button. Being able to screen share allows the customer service rep to walk you through features of the product, as well as potentially up sell you on accessories.

The feature shows an image of the customer service representative that you are speaking with on top of a chat box. That representative will get your permission prior to initiating a screen share, and is available by phone to walk you through the demonstration as it appears on your screen. Even if you say yes to a screen share over the chat, you still have to click a “yes” or “no thanks” button that appears in a black box at the bottom of your chat screen to actually execute the share.

The feature was first spotted by Brazil website MacMagazine.

Apple also recently alerted customers of its education program that they will be getting an entirely new online store. With the new e-commerce store, educators will be able to create and view proposals, as well as access order statuses online.

hat tip Apple Insider; First image via MacMagazine; second image via Apple Insider