If you need proof that not everything that happens on Friday the 13th (today) is bad, then look no further than Microsoft’s Brandon Generator.

The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator, which launched today, is a four-part animated story done entirely in HTML5. It’s part of an attempt by the giant technology company to highlight the vast creative possibilities available to web developers without the need for third-party plugins, like Adobe Flash. It should play across any device with an Internet connection and a modern web browser that supports HTML5. The production contains various references to Microsoft products, like Bing and Internet Explorer.

The story was written by the brilliant Edgar Wright (who is responsible for Shaun of the Dead, the film adaptation of Scott Pilgrim, and British TV show Spaced), and follows the tale of comic book artist Brandon as he fights a nasty case of writer’s block. The noir-esque artwork is done by Tommy Lee Edwards (illustrator of Batman and Hellboy comics) and voiced by Julian Barratt, who is perhaps best known for playing man about town Howard Moon on The Mighty Boosh.

It’s quite possibly the greatest thing that’s ever happened on a Friday the 13th ever — a conclusion I reached after hearing the following quote from the first episode: “An infinite number of monkeys were out there somewhere creating Shakespeare, and kicking his ass. He had to come up with something.”

While Wright has written a plot for the series, the Brandon Generator allows users to interact with the story by submitting prose, drawings, and audio messages to help guide the character in future episodes. The best of these submissions will end up getting added to a gallery. Part one of the story is available today, with the next three episodes debuting every few weeks to incorporate the submitted materials.

Check out some screenshots from the project embedded below.

Images via Microsoft; Via The Verge