Lumia 900 owners can rest easy, as Nokia has just released a software update that fixes the data connectivity bug in its new flagship handset.

A crippling data bug probably wasn’t the best news for Nokia shortly after launching the Lumia 900 — Windows Phone’s potential savior, and a device that I called the best $100 smartphone yet. But at least the company has made good by offering a $100 credit — effectively making the phone free — for anyone who buys it until April 21.

The update fixes a memory management issue in the Lumia 900 that led to a loss of network connectivity. Nokia’s swift response to the issue is commendable, though I’m surprised the company didn’t notice the issue before the phone actually launched.  Nokia already apologized to users for the issue earlier this week, but the company made sure to do so once again on its new Lumia 900 update site.

You can get the Lumia 900 update by going through the Zune software on PCs, or the Windows Phone Connector on Macs. Nokia is also going the extra mile by letting Lumia 900 owners swap their phones for an updated model in any AT&T store.

Photo: Sean Ludwig/VentureBeat