pii2012This sponsored post is produced by the Privacy Identity Innovation conference.

Is data the new oil? If you’re not paying for the product, are you the product?

Pick your meme — the debate about how companies are using personal information has grown intense over the past few months, and it’s likely to heat up even more.

The White House has even recommended a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, and the European Union is weeks away from requiring companies to get consent from website visitors before storing advertising cookies. What’s needed is a candid look at how companies can protect sensitive information users while enabling emerging business models and technologies.

Taking place May 14-16 in downtown Seattle, the 3rd annual Privacy Identity Innovation conference (pii2012) explores where innovation is heading in areas like big data, digital advertising, mobile apps, facial recognition and social networking – and how to build trust with users.

Join a diverse audience of 300 industry executives, developers, investors, marketing professionals, consumer advocates and policy experts at pii2012. Previous speakers include execs from Google, Facebook, Mozilla, Microsoft, Intuit, Personal, Face.com, Intelius, Evidon and other companies, along with investors from Intel Capital, FLOODGATE, Union Square Ventures and Elevation Partners.

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