mokafive's app will secure your iphone, ipad

Yes, we’ve all been hearing for some time that the iPad is invading the workplace, but many IT managers are still concerned about its introduction for security reasons. MokaFive‘s just-announced app for enterprise security on iOS hopes to ease to those fears.

MokaFive is best known for making it possible to have workers securely use Macs in the enterprise. Now it can also help the enterprise more comfortably use those darn iPads and iPhones the kids like these days.

“Businesses can no longer ignore the BYOD [bring your own device] demand, as each day more and more personal devices – specifically iPhones and iPads – are entering the work place,” MokaFive CEO Dale Fuller told VentureBeat via e-mail. “We’ve announced MokaFive for iOS to address this very need – enabling employees the flexibility of using their iPads and iPhones on the job, while satisfying the IT admin with an easy and secure way to managing and protecting corporate data.”

In a similar vein to Bitzer Mobile, the MokaFive app creates an encrypted container that gives access to company data securely. The encrypted data container in this case is called “LiveData” and users see it as an iOS app. Fuller says that it offers “secure access to sanctioned corporate network resources and fileshares. They can view files, and even cache them locally for offline use.”

LiveData makes it possible to remotely wipe the machine’s information with a single click. The data from the company is isolated in a “bubble” from other user data and apps, so if a business wants to lay off a worker, it can wipe the company data without screwing up personal info.

IT managers will also be pleased to hear that MokaFive on iOS is customizable with dozens of policies and security settings. “Don’t want users to e-mail documents to themselves, or copy and paste content from their corporate data container to their personal files?” the company explained in a blog post today. “IT can control all of that. This infinite customizability makes the product incredibly versatile.”

MokaFive for iOS runs $50 per user per year. It can be deployed in conjunction with MokaFive Suite for a company’s desktops and laptops.

Redwood City, Calif.-based MokaFive has raised $38 million in three rounds from Fuller, Vinod Khosla, Highland Capital, Khosla Ventures, and NGEN. Rivals include Citrix, VMware, Virtual Computer, and Wanova.

Tablet safe photo: Daniilantiq/Shutterstock