Agiliron could easily be the name of some crazy Pokemon, and funny enough, the cloud-connected e-commerce startup’s mission, like Pokemon, is to help you catch ’em all — customers, that is.

Agiliron’s goal to provide an “integrated SaaS platform for multi-channel commerce.” In English, this means it can provide small and medium-sized businesses with lots of cloud-based, on-demand tools so they can sell products online through a variety of channels, including an online store, email, point-of-service, etc. Once a business puts its product into Agiliron’s system, it can try targeting customers through the various sales channels.

Above: Agiliron CEO Satish Menon

“It is often quoted that small businesses are the engine of the economy and job creation,” Agiliron CEO Satish Menon told VentureBeat via e-mail. “But small product-based businesses face significant hurdles to keep pace with the proliferation of sales channels (to have a presence everywhere customers shop) and the resulting complexity of operating the various facets of the business — products, sales, customers, and fulfillment.”

Menon walked the crowd through the launch of a multichannel business during the company’s DEMO presentation Wednesday afternoon.

Agiliron’s service is hosted entirely through Amazon’s cloud and is built on the open source LAMP stack. The categories of businesses it targets include “wholesale, retail, e-commerce, distribution, and resellers.”

“Agiliron is squarely focused on addressing the technology needs of these businesses by delivering a customizable and easy-to-use integrated solution suite that enables them to operate/compete effectively and scale with ease,” Menon said. “Why cobble together and settle for bits and pieces solutions when you can have the whole enchilada?”

The company’s pricing depends on the level of service you need. The different versions of the product run for free, $29 per month, $79 per month, and $199 per month.

Portland, Ore.-based Agiliron was founded in 2007, is self-funded, and has seven employees.

You can see Agiliron’s full service chart below:


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