arrested development

Arrested Development fans have another reason to love Netflix. Actually, they have about 10 reasons, to be exact.

Netflix first won fans over back in November when it announced it was producing 10 new Arrested Development episodes for its streaming video service. Ultimately, it was a smart move for the streaming video company; the show, which ran for three seasons before prematurely getting yanked by the suits at Fox, has a strong cult following.

Today, Netflix has confirmed the entire 10-episode fourth season will premiere on the same day, at the same time. This is a luxury that’s usually never afforded to new TV shows. Traditional networks typically make fans wait months (or years) to snag a whole season of commercial-free episodes, and that privilege costs far more than Netflix’s $8 monthly subscription fee.

“They [Netflix] understand how I consume television: in marathon sessions on my couch while shunning social contact and showers,” remarked one VentureBeat staffer who will remain nameless (but not necessarily odorless).

As Netflix has pointed out in the past, it’s not like a traditional TV network, and it doesn’t intend to follow traditional TV rules. The company’s first original series, Lilyhammer, was also released as a full season on the same day.

The new Arrested Development episodes are scheduled to come online in 2013, but they will only be available to U.S. customers. We’re confident that Netflix will eventually reach an agreement to offer the new season in Canada, Ireland, and the U.K. as well.

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