Double Fine's Tim Schafer

Tim Schafer believes Double Fine’s success on Kickstarter is repeatable as long as developers deliver capable and profound pitches that speak to their audience. Schafer revealed five tips to help hopeful developers make the most out of their Kickstarter plans in an interview with IndieDB.

“We asked for $400,000. $300,000 for the game and $100,000 for the documentary,” Schafer told IndieDB. “We ended up hitting our goal in the first night.” Double Fine ultimately raised over $3 million — and a whopping third of that the night the project went live. Schafer believes other companies will have similar success (but probably not Kickstarter record-breaking success) by taking these five tips to heart:

1. Prove the game has to be made

2. Prove the game has to be made a certain way

3. Prove your team is the one-and-only team to make it

4. Prove it’s critical that this game is made now

5. Prove it’s more than a game, it’s a significant event, and fans need to be apart of it.

The path to true Kickstarter success is believing in your product and not assuming people will want to pay you to finish it. Writing a solid pitch that excites backers and shows your dedication to the project is the way to succeed.