Amazon has launched a new online marketplace that Amazon Web Services customers can use to buy software from many top cloud vendors, the company announced today.

“Using the new AWS Marketplace, you can easily find, compare, and start using an array of software systems and products,” Jeff Barr, Amazon Senior Manager of Cloud Computing Solutions, wrote in a blog post. “We’ve streamlined the discovery, deployment, and billing steps to make the entire process of finding and buying software quick, painless, and worthwhile for application consumers and producers.”

As Amazon is by far the largest provider in the world of cloud computing infrastructure, it makes sense that company would offer new software and applications options for its many customers. The app store includes pay-as-you-go, free, and hosted software with varied pricing models. Amazon is winning over so many customers for infrastructure because of its ease of use. Deployment of software from AWS Marketplace falls in line by being easy to bring into your site. The company explains:

When you find the software you’d like to purchase, you can use AWS Marketplace’s 1-Click deployment to quickly launch pre-configured server images, or deploy with familiar tools like the AWS Console. You’ll be charged for what you use, by the hour or month, and software charges will appear on the same bill as your other AWS services.

Software vendors on AWS Marketplace include Canonical, Couchbase, Check Point, IBM, Microsoft, SUSE, Red Hat, SAP, and Zend. There’s also open source offerings from the likes of WordPress, Drupal, and MediaWiki.

Let us know in the comments if you like the software options available in AWS Marketplace and what other apps should be added.

Image credit: AWS Markteplace homepage