Were your Path pics looking a tad less cool than they could have? Have no fear, Android user; filters are here.

Today, the social/mobile startup is announcing Lenses, a series of filters you can add to your Path pictures to make you and your life look more bangin’ than ever. The Path iPhone app already has Lenses and has had them for about a year, so this is only new for the Android app.

The filters include settings for the usual suspects among photo apps, including Pro, Ansel, Instant, Diana, Lomo, Country, and Lake Lenses.

The filters will be available for Path version 2.1.5 on a supported Android phone running version 2.3.3 or better.

The timing of the release is interesting given Facebook’s recent, shall we say, focus on mobile photography. However, Path doesn’t necessarily consider itself a Facebook competitor, since many Path users are also Facebook users. Rather, Path is focused on sharing among a close-knit group of your most intimate friends. You know, the people you really need to work harder to impress with photo filters.

We jest, we jest. Hipster on, Android users.

Path itself just came to the Android OS less than a year ago as a beta release. Path also recently announced another kind of expansion: multi-language translation, which will bring Path to new audiences around the globe.