Having a bit of fun with all the Instagram hype these days, website optimization service Cloudflare has launched Instaflare, a cheeky new feature that will let users of its platform apply filters to all of the images on your site.

“Only with Instaflare can you be sure that all the images on your site, whether you made them yourself or not, have instant flair!” Cloudflare writes on the Instaflare product page. “Use of this app will significantly improve the valuation of your business (perhaps).”

Instaflare is available as a free app for all Cloudflare users. The idea started out as a joke, but ended up becoming an actual feature within 12 hours, a PR representative told us. In addition to being just plain fun, the feature shows how Cloudflare’s platform can easily make widespread changes across any website.

Cloudflare’s service aims to secure websites and speed up load times. The company is reportedly seeking a new funding round at a $1 billion valuation, according to a TechCrunch report citing multiple sources. The company landed $20 million in funding in July 2011.

Cloudflare is clearly poking fun at Instagram’s $1 billion purchase by Facebook, but there’s also an added layer of snark since it was able to launch the feature in 12 hours. It’s as if Cloudflare is indirectly saying, “if this stupid photo filter app is worth $1 billion, then why not us?”

However you read the Instaflare feature, I just can’t wait to see which site will be first to apply one of the filters. I can think of more than a few sites that could use the Madison filter: “You like to think you’re Don Draper, but you’re actually Pete Campbell.”