Drumming up even more hype for its 808 PureView smartphone, Nokia today released an ad filmed entirely with the phone’s 41 megapixel camera. And boy, does it look good.

The ad shows how you can zoom into the 808 PureView’s photos without losing much quality, as well as how the phone performs when recording high-definition video. Unfortunately, Nokia has only released a 720p HD version of the ad. I’d be interested in seeing how it performs at full 1080p.

If anything, the ad proves that the PureView camera technology on the Nokia 808 is more than just hype. A Nokia engineer explained to us how the camera gets such killer shots back at Mobile World Congress (where it also won best-in-show), and the company has also put some excellent sample shots online at Flickr.

It looks like Nokia doesn’t plan to bring the phone to the U.S., but it has said it intends to bring the PureView technology to future phones. You can expect to see killer cameras in some Windows Phone devices from Nokia within the next few years.

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