Adobe CS6 -1

Adobe revealed new details today about the latest versions of its ultra popular line of design software, Creative Suite 6, which features speed improvements, user interface updates, and an emphasis on working in the cloud.

In addition to a worth new version of the company’s staple program Photoshop, the CS6 pack includes upgrades to Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash Pro, Fireworks, Premiere Pro, AfterEffects and others. The production-focused package also contains two new post-production video programs, Prelude and Speed Grade. And speaking of specific software packages, CS6 will offer four versions with each one offering a bit more than the lower tier (see image below).

Adobe is touting increased speed and performance through its Mercury technology, something that all users will certainly enjoy. Many of the programs will also get a revised, “modern” user interface as well as some re-imagined design tools. VentureBeat’s Sean Ludwig pointed to Photoshop’s new Content-Aware Patch tool being sort of like a cross between the clone stamp and CS5’s content-aware tool.

But as Adobe admitted in its CS6 briefing, the company has more or less topped out when it comes to offering the optimum software for people to design and remain creative. That’s why Adobe is pushing its services toward two main new fronts. The first of these is the cloud, which Adobe will offer to users in the form of its Creative Cloud subscription service.

As we previously reported, Creative Cloud promises access to the latest version of Creative Suite software, Lightroom 4, Muse, Edge, touch applications, and 20GB of cloud storage with syncing options. The service has a $50 per month price tag, with a required one-year contract. Although, Adobe plans to offer an education version for students and teachers, as well as a month-to-month option of people who only need short-term access.

The second front that Adobe is trying to advance its products with is education, which its hoping can be much more palatable under the Creative Cloud service. The basic idea is to have people with different talent backgrounds not feel nervous about going outside their comfort zone. For instance, designer hosting, building, and launching web sites.

We should know more about both CS6 and Creative Cloud at Adobe’s event April 23 event.

Screenshots via Adobe