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For businesses that wish to embrace cloud technology in order to simplify their operations, provide a forum for project collaboration, and operate on a secure platform, the Cisco CloudVerse aims to meet those needs. One might say it allows businesses to go from partly cloudy to the Cisco CloudVerse.

In the spirit of its strong history of providing network solutions, Cisco’s cloud technology unifies and optimizes computing, storage, and networking resources to meet the needs of its users. CloudVerse works by bringing together the intelligence of the network, the power of the data center, business applications, and cloud enablement services optimized for the network.

No matter what type of device a user is on, how many users are collaborating at once, or the number of clouds involved, CloudVerse ensures that all data will remain safe and secure. The system relies on scalable policies, and can be securely and quickly modified to meet the needs of different customers or applications.

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