Intel Ultrabook

This sponsored post is brought to you by the Intel AppUp developer program.

Ultrabook devices are slim, powerful computers that wake up in seconds, launch apps in a flash, and use flash memory and low-power processors to stay powered for far longer than traditional laptops. As thin and as light as modern tablets, except with the addition of a keyboard, Ultrabooks give consumers portability and productivity in one small package.

They’re a big opportunity to app developers, too. With Intel’s Rapid Start, Smart Response, and Smart Connect technologies, they’re a fast, attractive, and social media-connected platform for developers to build next-generation apps for Windows 7 or the upcoming Windows 8.

They combine the performance of notebooks with the responsiveness and elegance of tablets. Developers will be able to take advantage of touchscreen capabilities, fast processors, and high-end graphics capabilities to create new kinds of apps that bridge the gap between notebooks and tablets.

The Intel AppUp developer program offers a number of APIs and services for developers.

Read this short, two-page whitepaper to learn more about what Ultrabooks can do and how you can join the Ultrabook developer community.