ArcadeControls forumgoer “Le Chuck” has posted his functional, hand-made Star Wars Micro arcade cabinet. The extremely nerdy backstory (as well as video and additional details) are below:

I was hanging out at Toshi station browsing the power convertors when I noticed a sweet Star Wars cabinet over in the corner. Being a hoopy frood who knows where his towel is (wait, wrong galaxy)… Being that I was used to bulls-eying womp rats in my T-16 back home I thought I’d give it a whirl. I was in love, I couldn’t get enough, so when I got home after changing out a bad motivator on this new flaky R2 unit uncle Owen picked up I set about building my own version. Aunt Beru said there was no room on the moisture farm for another full size cabinet so I made one 1:6 scale.

“Star Wars Micro is a GPH Caanoo based miniature arcade with the first ever fully working miniature Atari Yoke running MAME4All,” wrote Le Chuck. I knew roughly what two of those three things were but still had to look them up to be sure, so don’t feel bad if that sounded like a bunch of Klingon to you (yes, I just mixed Star Trek with Star Wars). So say we all!

The creator notes over 80 hours went into the production of the Micro.

Via David Jaffe