An upcoming Hewlett-Packard tablet called the “Slate 8” that runs Windows 8 and is thinner than the newest iPad has leaked to the web — one of many leaks we’re sure to see as Windows 8’s launch gets closer.

Windows 8 is due out later this year and is part of Microsoft’s strategy to find a middle group between tablets and PCs — much in the same way Apple has done with its OS X and iOS. A near-complete Windows 8 build will be released in early June, but as of yet the company has not announced an official launch date. We’ve heard the late third quarter is the most likely launch time because the operating system would then be able to take advantage of holiday sales.

Tech news site Neowin was sent an image from a “trusted source” that shows a rough-looking image of a tablet with some specs. Besides running the Windows 8 OS, the tablet will be 9.2mm thin, weigh .68 kilograms, feature a 10.1-inch display, and have battery life between 8 and 10 hours.

Unlike the iPad, which targets consumers and businesses alike, the “Slate 8” appears to be pushing hard for businesses. It will offer security features like HP ProtectTools software, support for Computrace, enterprise-level docking, and digital pen input.

HP Slate 8 tablet image: Neowin