Whenever Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak speaks, the geek world pays attention. And his most recent comments favoring a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone over the Droid Razr and iPhone 4S may just set off (another) firestorm among the Apple faithful.

Woz just can’t get enough of Windows Phone’s elegant interface, which he says is less cumbersome than Android, and a “no contest” better experience than iOS. The comments came in a recent interview with Gina Smith (co-author of the Wozniak biography “iWoz”) and Dan Patterson.

It’s never specifically mentioned which Lumia phone Woz is referring to, but it’s most likely the new flagship device, the Lumia 900. In my review, I called the Lumia 900 the best $100 smartphone yet, so it’s not a huge surprise to see Woz going ga-ga over it. He also admitted that the lack of great third-party apps is a problem for Windows Phone.

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While Woz still considers the iPhone his overall favorite smartphone, his comments are worth noting. Windows Phone is at a point where it’s winning over fanatical techies — if Microsoft can keep up the momentum throughout the year, it could end up being a much stronger competitor come the release of Windows Phone 8 (AKA “Apollo”) later this year.

Via The Verge; Photo: Sean Ludwig/VentureBeat