Dino Life

The folks at Gree sure have been busy.

Last month, the billion-dollar Japanese social-game developer’s new U.S. studio launched two titles for Apple’s iOS: Zombie Jombie and Alien Family. Today, the company is launching Dino Life, its first Android-exclusive product, on Google Play.

Dino Life is a free-to-play game about a world in which primitive humans and dinosaurs exist side-by-side and nobody eats anybody. Players build their caveman tribes, go on quests, and raise dinosaurs. You can also cross-breed your Mesozoic pets, which in my case would mean combining all 59 of the game’s other species with Triceratops because I have a hunch that Triceratops is the Corgi of prehistoric reptiles.

“This game is another step towards creating an ecosystem of games free from geographic or operating system restrictions and is limited only by the imagination of the gamer and the developer,” said Eiji Araki, Gree’s Senior Vice President of Social Games, in a press release. With its expansion into the Android platform with Dino Life, Gree is hoping to expand its mobile market in preparation for the launch of its social gaming network sometime between now and June.