kindness plague

Oprah Winfrey wants to spread kindness and positive emotion around the globe. The media queen’s latest venture, Oprah’s Thank You Game, encourages Facebook users to thank someone in their lives then report it back her. The game’s page keeps track of all the goodwill spreading around in the form of purple blobs stretching across a world map. You know, sort of like a plague tracker…

The developer, SuperBetter Labs, hopes this project will inspire players to feel gratitude toward each other. “We had a vision for a social game that resulted in every single person in the United States and Canada feeling truly appreciated for something they’ve done, ” Sean Baenen, vice chair of SuperBetter Labs said in an interview with Gamasutra. “It was an ambitious project in the field of social media as agency for positive emotions, making Ms. Winfrey the perfect partner.”

While this project is more of a social tracker than an actual game, it does try to spread a very hopeful message.