Draw Something daily active users chart

Data gathered by an independent application traffic tracking organization reveals daily active users for Zynga’s Pictionary-esque app Draw Something in steep decline.

Draw Something’s traffic trends for the 30-day period between April and May show a rapid loss of 3 million daily active users after peaking at 14.6 million on April 3.  The app also shed 900,000 players within the last week, suggesting further decline ahead for the doodling social game. Surprisingly, Zynga’s recent sizeable update didn’t dent sinking player counts. Getting bored from repeatedly drawing starfishes and boom boxes apparently trumps additional functionality.

AppData, the provider of the traffic figures and a division of Facebook research firm Inside Network, claims it gathers information directly from Facebook’s active users formula. Players who registered through email or other methods aren’t reflected in reported numbers.

Draw Something launched in early February by original developer OMGPOP, quickly achieving hit status due to its accessible premise of trading drawings with friends to earn coins for rewards. In March, social gaming giant Zynga acquired OMGPOP for $200 million, a transition turned rocky when OMGPOP Chief Executive Officer Dan Porter called a single employee refusing to join Zynga “the weakest one.

GamesBeat contacted Zynga for comments but didn’t receive any response before press time.

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