Enterprise social networking company Jive Software has considerably upgraded its product offerings for the first time since the company went public last December, with the debut of new apps to help its customers stay in touch and collaborate better.

Palo Alto-based Jive faces strong competition from Yammer, Moxie, and Salesforce’s Chatter, but it’s also in a class of its own as a newly public company. Jive earned $22.5 million in revenue back in February per its fourth fiscal quarter. To keep increasing revenue, it needs to attract more customers and up the ante on its offerings. Which brings us to today’s announcement.

The new apps and features Jive has built for its customers greatly expand its capabilities in social, search, and collaboration. One of the most interesting new additions is Jive Anywhere, which lets you comment on and share any content from around the web with your co-workers. For example, you can go to a Wikipedia article, make a note about it, and then share that article (with comments included) with your team.

“We’ve talked about this for years, but now we’re finally doing it,” Nathan Rawlins, Jive’s VP of product marketing, told VentureBeat. “We thought that social should follow you and it should be a pervasive experience no matter where you go.”

Here’s how the company describes the new features:

Jive Anywhere — a breakthrough capability that extends social business to the web at large, enabling users to access
social functions from any website or web application.
Jive !App Experiences — enabling users to invoke powerful applications and merge them seamlessly into social
business workflow with a single keystroke.
Jive Edge — a sophisticated social intelligence engine that optimizes a wide range of social business processes such
as search, providing more relevant, precise, and personalized results.
• Major improvements in Jive What Matters activity streams, including customizable Attention Streams focused on
specific processes and people.
Jive for Teams — a new group collaboration solution for teams of 25 to 250,000 people.
• A dramatically simplified and engaging user experience.

Companies that want to give Jive a spin can also now do so with Try Jive, a 30-day free trial meant for small and large teams that is entirely browser-based.

You can view more photos showing Jive’s new feature lineup below: