, one of the 20 most popular sites on the web, has redesigned its site with new social and personalization features, and it can now even predict the exact minute the rain outside will stop.

As someone who uses the site or its iOS apps nearly every day, I find it to be fairly reliable and incredibly helpful for planning my day. I’m clearly not alone, as the site attracts more than 1 billion pageviews and more than 60 million unique visitors each month. Not every single page will be different with the new design, but the changes will affect the look and feel of the site for 95 percent of its traffic.

Cameron Clayton, executive vice president for digital products at The Weather Channel, sat down with me and outlined the changes. He said the most notable page where people will see the difference will be the one for their local weather. On that page, temperatures and some other content have been condensed and brought up higher, including the weather map, which used to be down near the bottom of the page. You’ll also now be able to add your name to the top box and will see personalized content and news brought on the page.

“It’s passive personalization,” Clayton said. “People are inherently lazy about personalization, so we’re doing what we can to help them.”

On that local weather page, you’ll also see the TruPoint box up at the top right. This lets you see when rain showers will begin and end.

“This is the first time any organization has told people down to the minute when rain will start and stop,” Clayton said.

Another noticeable change is the borrowing of weather-themed backgrounds from’s iPad app (which is the second-most downloaded iPad app ever). With this feature, the weather you see in the background is the same weather as outside, so you can quickly get an at-a-glance feel for how things look outside.

Check out the slideshow below to get a better look at’s new digs:

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Singin’ in the Rain picture via MGM