Theresia Gouw Ranzetta


  • Firm: Accel Partners
  • Education: MBA, Stanford University; BS, Brown University
  • Position on the Forbes Tech Midas List: 92


Ranzetta is an amazingly well-rounded woman — she has honest-to-goodness experience as a founder, she’s not shy when it comes to media, and she knows how to make a good bet on tech startups.

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At Accel, she’s been active on the e-commerce side and the security side. She’s on the boards of companies as diverse as TRUSTe and ModCloth. She was also a big part of Accel’s investment in But her biggest claims to fame are a string of wildly successful exits: IPOs and acquisitions that have made headlines over the past few years.

Of her experience as a woman in the male-dominated tech sphere, she wrote two years ago:

I have been the only non-white, non-native person in my small-town high school and the only woman in the engineering lab, the GM auto plant and the executive boardroom. And, like many women, I’ve had my abilities questioned, my looks appraised, my senses assaulted (a business lunch at a topless bar — but don’t get me started) and my biological clock monitored…

[But Silicon] Valley is, first and foremost, a meritocracy of talent and performance. The culture rewards results, bold new ideas and risk-taking, no matter the source.

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