revisit the past

Checking in to the power of nostalgia, Foursquare is bringing members’ past location moments back to life with a reworked history page that doubles as a check-in time machine.

Friday, Foursquare has remodeled the web-based version of the history page to let members take a journey down memory lane. The improved page now includes search, and time, place, and people filters for letting people rediscover their favorite venues or the places they visited while on vacation.

“You can easily jump to all your past check-ins from any month or year, and even filter them by who you were with, what type of place you were at, or which neighborhood, city, or country you were in. We’ll show you your check-in photos, comments, and friends who were there,” Foursquare explained in a blog post.

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The history page incorporates some of the same of elements of Facebook Timeline, the social network’s storybook-take on the personal profile. The page includes a map of all check-ins, weaves photos, friends, and comments prominently into the experience, and will eventually allow people to enhance their past by adding tips or creating lists.

I’ve written before about the power in remembering the past and the role of location in memories, specifically as it pertains to Foursquare and its battle to prove to the public that there’s more to check-ins than points and badges.

“To moms, dads, uncles, aunts, kids, sisters, brothers, and you and me, location has meaning, but only in its ability to enhance a story, not to win some virtual badge,” I wrote. “It’s this approach to location, as a behind-the-scenes memory assistant, that will resonate with mainstream social media audiences,” I said, giving a nod to Facebook and Timeline.

With the new history page, Foursquare is wisely following in Facebook’s footsteps and helping its users better understand the why behind each check-in, photo, tip, or comment.

A Foursquare spokesperson said the company does not have immediate plans to carry the features over to mobile.

Photo credit: Bashed/Flickr