Tidepool has raised a $1.5 million seed round to determine personality traits from photos. You take an assessment on the company’s website, which involves rating photos to your liking and indicating what activities interest you. Once the assessment is complete Tidepool tells you what type of personality you have. The company claims its test is more accurate than ones that only use text.

Mike Hirshland of Resolute.VC and Michael Dearing of Harrison Metal Capital led the round of funding, with existing investors Jarl Mohn, Tim Draper, Peggy and Jim Davis, and Jeff Lipp participating. The full press release is below.

TidePool, a startup deriving personality from photos, closed $1.5M in a seed round led by Mike Hirshland of Resolute.VC and Michael Dearing of Harrison Metal Capital. Participating investors include Jarl Mohn, Tim Draper, Peggy and Jim Davis, and Jeff Lipp.

TidePool was founded by Kabir and Dr. Galen Buckwalter, founding Chief Science Officer at eHarmony. The company is part of the inaugural portfolio at Los Angeles-based startup accelerator, Amplify.

TidePool helps users discover key personality traits and other essential characteristics, promoting self-knowledge and one’s “fit” with others. “Our users interact with a highly engaging visual experience which gives us the information we need to understand their core psychological traits,” states Dr. Buckwalter. “When users better understand their personality they can better manage their relationships, whether professional, social or personal.”

TidePool will use its most recent funding to disrupt not only assessments, but the online social experience. “Questionnaires are boring and easily gamed. TidePool brings imagination and creativity to testing,” asserts TidePool CEO Kabir. “Eventually your photos will become a lot more valuable to you when you use TidePool. A photo that resonates with you reflects your uniqueness; TidePool is unlocking the matching capabilities of photos.”

Previous investors include Venice Beach-based accelerator Amplify, Beachmint President Diego Berdakin, Chill Co-Founder Dan Gould, HipGeo Founder Rich Rygg, Peggy and Jim Davis, and Heather Gilchrist of NYC-based RAK Tech Fund.