WatchESPN via Comcast Xfinity TV

Comcast is finally letting Xfinity TV subscribers get access to ESPN’s live streaming sports service, WatchESPN.

The cable and Internet service giant announced today that its customers can now log into the WatchESPN iOS app using their Xfinity ID to watch live streaming sports content. Alternately, its customers can also access the same content via Xfinity TV’s remote sports app for iPhone and iPad, with access coming to the XfinityTV website next week.

WatchESPN gives cable customers (not just Comcast, but several other TV service providers as well) live access to streams for cable channels ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU, as well as web-based ESPN3 and ESPN Radio. The new content availability to Xfinity TV customers is part of an agreement Comcast made with ESPN-parent company Disney back in January to provide greater access to content across multiple platforms, (mobile, web, set-top boxes, etc.).

This is a particularly important move for Comcast because the number one factor preventing frustrated TV watchers from canceling their service is the availability of live sports.  If you can’t live without an expansive sports programming package, then you’re pretty much tied to paying your cable bill until ESPN starts offering a standalone subscription service. (And that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.)

Comcast also recently started letting its customers use their Xfinity TV login information to access the HBO Go service through Xbox Live. Hopefully, the cable company will continue this trend in the future.

Image via ESPN