The Avengers movie poster, Hulk punch Thor

Marvel’s The Avengers film is officially a success, not just at the global box office but also with fans and non-fans alike. That’s what happens when you hire Joss Whedon instead of [insert the name of any guy who directed Resident Evil, Max Payne, Resident Evil 2, Catwoman, Resident Evil 3, etc.] to make an entertaining flick that doesn’t compromise everything the franchise stands for.

Naturally, it’s time for us nerds to fight over who is the best Avenger. A quick survey of Facebook friend statuses shows Hulk is ahead due to a couple of particularly funny moments in the movie, but here at GamesBeat, we decided to use math and science to determine a true victor. Below is an infographic from the fine folks at Statista, breaking down each of the four main Avengers by their video game track record (according to Metacritic).

Who is the best Avenger? The Avengers

As you can see, comic book video games are largely garbage, with Sega and Activision contributing to some of the least-polished turds in gaming history. The Hulk once against smashes all competition…but not by much. The not-so-jolly green giant edges out Captain America by a mere four points, due in large part to Radical Entertainment’s The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Radical Entertainment is now the studio behind the Prototype series, which heavily builds upon the great foundation established by Ultimate Destruction.

What this infographic really shows, however, is that we need better video games based on comics. When the company that ran Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero, and soon, Call of Duty, into the ground is the leader in this genre, you know something’s gotta change. Comic book films are finally starting to get taken seriously and be *gasp* good — even “great”, in the case of The Avengers, X-Men: First Class, and Christopher Nolan’s Batman — so hopefully that will eventually be true of the game adaptations as well. Respect the medium, respect the property, and most importantly, respect the fans.

Infographic via Statista