Watching video

Brands across multiple industries are seeing more customers respond to online video than ever before, according to the latest report from research firm 33Across.

33Across measures the consumer behavior for brands, tracking things like blog consumption, search engine usage, content sharing, video watching, and more. The latest report measures these behaviors for 80 brands across eight different categories (a.k.a. industries), including Automotive, financial services, retail, entertainment, travel, and others.

“While this report focuses on the pervasiveness of multiple social behaviors, such as blog consumption, search, and content sharing, the findings highlight unprecedented levels of video viewership and social sharing habits,” 33Across said in the report.

The industries with consumers that grab the biggest impact from online video include consumer packaged goods (46 percent), travel (42 percent), and telecom (21 percent).

For the full rundown of consumer behavior across each of the 8 industries, check out 33Across’s graphs below.

Top image via Dusit / Shutterstock