Ashton Kutcher acts Steve JobsTMZ has released photos showing actor Ashton Kutcher wearing a black turtleneck, jeans and New Balance sneakers, as he apparently made his way to the film set of the late Apple CEO’s biopic in L.A. yesterday.

Ashton Kutcher plays Steve JobsThe film is due out in the fourth quarter, and is being filmed now. Its producer Mark Hulme has said Ashton was picked because heĀ carries physical similarities to Jobs. These include the youthfulness of Jobs at the time (the film focuses on the early era, before even the release of the iPod) but also “the psychological complexity.”

Judging from the traffic we’ve seen here at VentureBeat on our posts about Kutcher and the film, there’s going to be significant interest in this film even if Kutcher doesn’t completely nail the complexity part (you can see from the image above that he’s trying). It’s a tall order. As TMZ notes: “part hippie, part driven businessman, part brilliant, and part crazy.”

[Image credits: TMZ]