Facebook’s mobile momentum continues as it ramps up for its IPO later this week. The social network has quietly released a new look for all three of its mobile apps, one that will make the Facebook mobile suite bigger, brighter, and more visually stunning than ever before.

In the new mobile version of News Feed, images take center stage.

“Now photos are up to 3x larger, and all posts will fill your mobile screen from edge to edge,” writes a Facebook staffer on the Facebook Mobile page.

This new design is now available for iOS, Android, and mobile web versions of the Facebook app.

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Check out the old design compared to the new screenshots:

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Facebook’s biggest weakness, at least according to its original S-1 filing, has been its mobile competency, or perceived lack thereof. In fact, part of the company’s recent Instagram acquisition was likely to boost its mobile skill set. The social network also recently acquired Glancee, another mobile startup, presumably for the same reasons. Facebook also recently snapped up TagTile, yet another mobile-focused startup.

Aside from acqui-hiring and acquiring strong mobile companies and individuals, Facebook is also focusing internally on one of the most cutting-edge aspects of mobile standards and development: the mobile web.

Facebook recently open-sourced its mobile browser testing suite, Ringmark. Also, the company has been a vocal advocate in Silicon Valley’s escalating war for the mobile web.