If you’ve ever wanted to see how a single email travels from your account to someone else’s, Google has you covered with its new “Story of Send” site.

While the site appears to mostly be a push by Google to show off its green credentials, it is still cool in that it shows the actual process of something many of us do hundreds of times a week. Email travels from our computer browser over cables to Google’s data centers. There the email is copied, scanned for viruses, and sent back out over cables to the recipient’s email account.

Google Green team member Erin Reilly writes on Google’s blog:

“We’ve included videos and photos throughout the journey so you can explore certain areas more deeply. For example, if you’re curious what data center servers look like, we’ve included some photos. Or you can watch a video to learn about how we purchase clean energy from wind farms near our data centers. And because technology doesn’t always have to be serious, you might find a vampire or two lurking around or uncover other surprises on the journey.”

Check out the “Story of Send” video below: