Mobile app development nowadays seems to be be following a fairly regular pattern: Create an infectious iOS app, wait until it gets insanely popular, then launch an almost identical version for Android.

And that’s exactly what Smule is doing with Songify, its popular iOS music creation app. To use the app. users speak into their phones and Songify turns their words into songs, bending and layering them over a variety of instrumental tracks.

The recipe is simple, entertaining, and successful: Songify has been downloaded 9 million times by iOS users who’ve used the app to create 120 million songs.

Songify itself is free, but offers users the ability to buy a variety of  beats packs to expand their options. (Hello, monetization.)

Smule picked up the rights to Songify last year when it acquired Khush, Songify’s original creators. The move was a smart one, as it combined the efforts of two very like-minded, music-focused teams.

As Khush CEO Prerna Gupta told CNET last year, the strategy behind the pre-acquisition Khush is “to make less money but from more people.” And launching on Android is probably the best way to do that.