Just in time for summer, Teens In Tech is launching a jobs board just for startup internships.

The job board will broker matches between talented (and cheap) labor and exciting startups across the globe. Right now, we’re seeing technical, sales, and design internships at some buzzworthy startups in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and beyond. For ambitious youngsters, it’s worth a look.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in early stage startups that are lean, look to interns to help with engineering, marketing, etc., tasks that typically full-time employees do with salaries starting at $65,000,” writes Teens In Tech founder Daniel Brusilovsky to VentureBeat in an email. “Startups are always looking for cheap talent.”

Late last year, Brusilovsky (a college student himself) and his young cohorts launched Teens In Tech Connect, a somewhat similar attempt to match up young entrepreneurs with young talent. However, that board was more focused on helping teenage founders, hackers, and designers connect, not so much on letting mature startups and founders find teen interns.

“The goal is simple: to connect young entrepreneurial people with internships at tech startups to gain experience and mentorship,” Brusilovsky told us. “Companies pay $15 a month to post a listing and gain access to hundreds of teens in the Teens in Tech community. It’s focused primarily on the high school market, where as other sites focus primarily on college students.”

The organization also runs an incubator each summer — again, by and for teens with an entrepreneurial bent.

Image courtesy of jessiejacobson.