Max Payne 3 multiplayer issues

It seems Diablo III isn’t this week’s only big-name release having issues with its multiplayer. Max Payne 3, the latest title from Grand Theft Auto makers Rockstar Games, hasn’t had completely smooth sailing since its official release on Tuesday.

An 11MB day-one patch is required for all players to access the multiplayer, though Rockstar isn’t detailing exactly what bugs are addressed in the download. The company did share this amusing tidbit, however:

PS3 “Corrupt Game Data” Message: When a patch is available the first time you play a game on PS3, the download of the patch may interrupt the installation of Game Data on the PS3.  Once the game reboots, it may give you an error message that says the game data is corrupted and needs to be installed.  This is normal and you can allow the game to re-write the Game Data; after that, the message should not appear again.

There’s an “It only does everything” joke to be made here, but at this point, haven’t PlayStation 3 users been through enough?

Back to the matter at hand, the sizable patch did not cover all bases, it seems, as multiplayer continues to have matchmaking issues (getting stuck in a loading screen on your way to a match) and stat resets. I personally encountered both, with the latter wiping a couple hours’ worth of progress off of my account. A spokesperson for Rockstar told GamesBeat, “We’re also aware of other issues and our devs are working to fix them as soon as possible.”

It’s all rather unfortunate seeing as how the multiplayer was one of Max Payne 3’s best bits. To make up for the current issues, players can grab the Gorilla Warfare DLC Pack for free.