Foodspotting, once a repository for food porn, is branching out today with a new launch. The mobile app is now serving up personalized menus just for you, everywhere you go.

“We’re trying to be a picture menu for every restaurant, so we’ve overhauled all our venue pages,” said Foodspotting co-founder and CEO Alexa Andrzejewski in a recent phone chat with VentureBeat.

“We can show you recommendations based on your personal tastes … it’s really cool, and it’s like having a personalized menu everywhere you go,” she said.

With the Foodspotting app’s newest update, you’ll see glorious images and reviews for specific dishes at restaurants near you. At the top of the list, you’ll find the dishes you’re most likely to enjoy. For example, if you’re a mole connoisseur, the turkey mole enchiladas will pop to the top of your list.

You’ll also be able to see the highest-rated dishes at that place, as well as menu items your friends tried and loved.

Here’s a sneak peek at the redesigned and new features:

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Also new in today’s release are in-app profiles, which previously existed only on the Foodspotting website.

The entire Foodspotting experience got a ground-up redesign just a couple months ago. At that time, the app was given a whole new focus on creating a graph of your tastes in food and then creating recommendations of specific dishes accordingly.

With today’s new features, Andrzejewski said, restaurants in particular are getting more out of the experience.

“What restaurants really like about Foodspotting is it’s all positive — it’s telling you what you should like about this restaurant” rather than what wasn’t great or what you should avoid, she said.

“Traditional restaurant ratings focus on the pros and cons, but we draw attention to the positive.”

And for the restaurants that are proactive about maintaining Foodspotting listings, the app works even better. Andrzejewski named a couple restaurants that plug their dishes into the app with great photography and let users rate away “to populate their own picture menu so it’s easier for our users to vote up the things they love,” said the co-founder.

“The other big thing we’re finally launching is integrations with a bunch of partners … to take next steps and find out more about the restaurant,” she said. Today’s launch includes new add-ins, such as overall venue ratings from Yelp, reservations from OpenTable, and full menus from SinglePlatform.

Growth is going well for the young startup, which just had a record month, with more than 2 million launches of the mobile apps. Altogether, Foodspotting has seen nearly 3 million downloads of its iPhone and Android apps since its launch.

At least some of that growth has come from Foodspotting’s Facebook integrations. When Facebook launched Actions earlier this year, Foodspotting was quick to get onboard and saw a threefold increase in visits and activities shared on Facebook.

“We’ve had a website for a while, but we’re still working on our big website redesign … to make it a lot more like the app,” said Andrzejewski, hinting at the startup’s next big effort. “It will be optimized for the mobile web from the start.”

Top image courtesy of conrado, Shutterstock