Wireless carrier T-Mobile will soon offer new contract-free mobile broadband plans, which are designed for the growing number of Americans who prefer prepaid options to long-term contracts, the company said today.

T-Mobile is in a precarious position as the No. 4 wireless carrier behind Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. The other three networks offer true next-gen 4G data networks in some form, while T-Mobile only offers HSPA+ (think 3.5G). While HSPA+ data can be quite good at times, the company’s lack of LTE data has hurt its perception as a tech leader. But by offering affordable plans and cutting jobs, the company can likely survive until it offers up LTE data in 2013.

The new contract-free data plans, which become available May 20th, are listed below:

• 300MB 1-week pass for $15
• 1.5GB 1-month pass for $25
• 3.5GB 1-month pass for $35
• 5GB 1-month pass for $50

“Although most of our mobile broadband customers choose postpaid rate plans for the best device prices and data rates, we know that many of our customers want the flexibility to be able to experience mobile broadband without committing to an annual contract up front,” said Jeremy Korst, VP of marketing for T-Mobile USA, in a statement.

T-Mobile previously offered contract-free mobile broadband data plans, but they were less enticing in cost. Plans started at a crummy 100MB for $10, 1GB for $30, and $50 for 3GB. The new plans are much, much better for the contract-averse consumer who needs mobile broadband.