Ah, Video Blips, my old friend. It just wasn't the same scrutinizing loud noises and flashing colors without you.

Video Blips:

• Shoot up friends and foes alike in the everything-happens-here Arkham Asylum downloadable map for Gotham City Impostors. Unless I'm mistaken, sanitorium security involves less deadly hardware and more humane means of suppression — like 20,000 volt tasers!

Hit the break for a (uncompromising) reveal of the shadowy Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time for the PlayStation Vita and Ubisoft's thanks for testing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's multiplayer.


• The PlayStation Vita portrays the activity of hitting things with a golden cane as a half-naked raccoon thief surprisingly well. Of course, plunking down the cash for such expensive hardware kind of flies in the face of a game revolving thievery.

• Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's multiplayer beta amassed over 600,000 players, and developer/publisher Ubisoft thanks each and every one of you for participating. This is probably the most amount of dirt-splosions I've seen in a thank-you video.