Bullet Run

Sony Online Entertainment has announced Bullet Run, a new free-to-play shooter for PC. The new title is being developed by Acony Games and will run on the powerful Unreal Engine 3 technology platform. The game is set in a futuristic reality TV show where contestants kill each other, instantly reincarnate, and kill each other again all in the name of fame.

“We believe the sexier, media-driven storyline sets it apart from other FPS [first-person shooter] games and will continue to attract new players who might be tired of the same military shooters,” said Acony founding member Frank Trigub in a press release sent to GamesBeat. The setting sounds very similar, however, to Super Monday Night Combat’s, another free-to-play shooter which also takes place in a futuristic television show where combatants murder each other for fame and money.

Judging from the trailer on the game’s website, Bullet Run looks like it’ll feature a more realistic art style and basic shooter rules compared to Super Monday Night Combat’s cartoony, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) inspired action.

“While our games portfolio continues to grow across many different genres of online gaming, the addition of Bullet Run brings an entirely new level of entertainment to the gameplay experience for both the free-to-play community and fans of first-person shooters,” said executive director of business development and corporate strategy of SOE, Christopher Sturr. “The game promises a high-energy, persistent combat experience that few FPS games have obtained, while also lowering the barriers of entry for more casual players looking for a unique gaming experience.”

SOE plans to release Bullet Run later this summer.