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Sprint will no longer offer its hotspot customers a 5GB for $30 per month data plan, a move that’s undoubtedly based on the influx of iPhone users loading down its network.

The company is now giving subscribers two new, more expensive options to choose from: a 2GB per month plan for $20 and a 6GB per month plan for $50. Under the old plan, you were spending about $6 per GB, and now the same data will cost you either $10 or $8.33 per GB (depending on your plan). Either way, you’re getting charged more for the same amounts of data.

Previously Sprint has offered unlimited 3G/4G data plans for its mobile smartphone customers, with few restrictions on how you use that data. That said, Sprint customers can get around the system by downloading third-parting tethering apps that essentially transform a smartphone into a mobile hotspot.

In addition to the new tethering plans, Sprint will also notify its hotspot customers when they’re within 75, 90, and 100 percent of their allotted data cap. For those with an unlimited data plan on their smartphone, the real question is how Sprint defines when the tethering option is turned on.

As Gigaom notes, Sprint is counting data from smartphones as well as other hotspot services, which might mean the free ride is over for unlimited data  customers.

Image via The Consumerist